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Zweli Mkhize drops a terrifying bombshell that leaves High school learners scared to go back

Zweli Mkhize took to social media to give an update on the current coronavirus situation, and many people struggled to digest what their eyes and ears were telling them.

Panic overtook reason, as the news of a new covid-19 symptom bred fear into many parents whom their kids are expected to start school, no later than the 15th of January. A squad of very qualified dermatologists as well as Spanish doctors, took it upon themselves to conduct a research on this variant that is currently victimising the nation- and what they found bred fear into the lives of many people.blank

blank“After several tests, my team has found out that the new variant responds differently to different skin types. We have noticed that in most skins the symptoms are the commons ones but in certain skins; infection will result in a swollen and a patchy tongue” said the minister.

Not much is known as to why that is but so far there is an increasingly worrying hypothesis that, if the virus affects people differently then a single vaccine will not be able to help everyone- only specific people.

Many parents have since for their kids to stay at home when schools reopen, pending further developments on the matter because, if it leads to swollen tongues then no one knows when the new symptoms might arise; and it would be very unfortunate if a new symptom was discovered through one of their children.blank


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