Thokozile is not dead. See what she will do to Kamadonsela

Apparently this might be the end of Kamadonsela who is professionally known as mamfundisi on our favorite soapie Imbewu the seed however it seems like she is now turning into murderer. You will remember that Kamadonsela was somehow involved in Ngcolosi’s death as she and her friend Thokozile hired Mpanza to kill Mazulu as she was their enemy.

Thokozile thought that she would get away with murder but the truth was finally exposed. Mpanza came back and explained how Ngcolosi died, Macingwane on the other side visited Kamadonsela and told her to expose the secret she is hiding or else she might suffer the consequences. Kamadonsela did as she was told and told her husband everything about Ngcolosi’s deathblank

A lot happened and Nkululeko exposed his mother to the police and she is wanted. She went to Kamadonsela and told her that if she goes down, both of them will go down however they argued and Kamadonsela ended up stabbing Thokozile. She called Mazulu however Thokozile ran awayblank

Do you think she will pay back the revenge to Kamadonsela?

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