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This is How Female Inmates are Satisfying Themselves While in Prison

We heard so many weird stories about things that happening inside the grey walls of South African prisons. In male prisons we hear about high rate of sodomy within Inmates. Victims of sodomy in male prisons are young boys which are being used by older Inmates to satisfy themselves sexually. Does it mean even female Inmates are doing sodomy? If no, how are they surviving throughout their sentences in terms of relieving stress?

In all female Correctional Center’s around the country they doesn’t allow certain food stuff to be brought in for inmates. All kind of food stuff that has the shape of a 4-5 they are not allowed to be brought in. Things like banana, rachel, carrot etc. The reason behind this denial is that such food items are used by inmates in female Correctional Center’s to make love to themselves using these things. So when prison officials found out about this, they stopped such items to be brought inside the prisons.blank

Inmates can’t run out of ideas on how to deal with their trying times. They sleep on the matter until they come out with a new idea that will take Correctional officers many years to find out about it, in short they come up with any idea that that may enabled them to Satisfy themselves. All prisons they’re providing certain cosmetic items but not roll-o. The inmates have to buy it from prison shop or ask their relatives to bring it for them. Roll-on deodorant they differ in terms of sizes, there are those which are slim and medium size. The slim size is the perfect one to be used by female Inmates because it easily fits the size of their punani. Plus the fluid-like nature of it makes it very easily to slip inside.blank

The inmates will buy or ask for this type of roll-on in numbers so that they will be able to change flavors when Satisfying themselves. For it to be smooth, they rap it with fresh condom for smooth penetration. They do these things to decrease stress level which is done by being in Prison. The government tries to stop inmates from engaging in sexually intercourse with their respective partners who are outside but inmates always makes some plans to deal with their current situation.blank

Some inmates just find other female partners to help them with guaranteed satisfaction on one another. Since there are communal cells which hold many inmates per cell, they help each other during shower time. This one is more intimately because it’s involve two people. Shower gives them some kind of privacy since no other inmate can see them. They come out of shower being relieved and happy their breath taking session.blank

There are also confined solitary cells, where sometimes one inmate is kept there or two. When they are two, it’s a bonus for them because they can help each other at anytime and anyhow since they’re staying together in one cell. The two can be easily called a couple because their thing is the same as people who are married and staying together or cohabiting. When you see female inmates glowing, don’t be surprised they easily manages to help themselves in terms of adult Private session.blank

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