The “panty bully” Noluthando arrested after she was discharged from hospital.

Noluthando who was caught on video beating her school mate was arrested after she was discharged from hospital.

The “panty bully”,Noluthando who was caught on video beating her school mate was arrested after she was discharged from hospital. She was ripping her school mate underwear while she was busy beating her.The kid who was beaten was defenseless she managed to hide her face so that Noluthando could not beat her on the face.

The “panty bully” Noluthando arrested


Noluthando is going to face charges of assault and deformation of character. The 16-year-old could face jail time if she is found guilty.

The reason why she was in hospital is because she tried to commit suicide after she realised that she was in big trouble and people on social media were saying nasty things to her.

Her mother found her crying with stomach cramps and an empty bottle of dip beside her.They took her to hospital where the confirmed that she drank poison and they drained all of her system and she was later on a stable condition .




Noluthando was released yesterday when she found the police outside the hospital and she was arrested immediately. She was later released because she is still a minor (under age).She is expected to appear in court soon.


Two school girls were caught fighting for a boyfriend.

A video is trending on social media after two girls were caught fighting for a man. The other girl was not fighting back she was just sitting down covering her face.Other students were watching taking videos instead of stopping this fight.


One of the girls name that were fighting is Noluthando.Noluthando kept beating the other girl while she was defenseless she could not even fight back.


Other students on the video were supporting Noluthando to keep on beating the girl who cannot even fight for herself.People will say this girl is a coward but she is not,some people were taught manners at home unlike Noluthando.


Noluthando saw that the girl was not defending herself she then teared her pants and lifted up her skirt so that their fellow students could laugh.


The video reached the MEC of Education in Gauteng because he was tagged on Twitter so that he can see the video.


The MEC says that the have started to investigate.Even the MEC couldn’t finish to watch the video because of how badly this girl was beaten.


The students who were watching should have helped the girl who was beaten instead of laughing taking videos.The MEC should suspend even the fellow students who were watching instead of helping.This video is a proof that the other girl didn’t lay her hand on Noluthando so she should not be punished.


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