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South Africans are left in shock by Floyd Shibambu’s shoe size. This is what it means concerning his ‘dick’ens

Today , Members of the Economic Freedom Fighter’s war Council which includes some members of the Economic Freedom fighters who were elected On the second people’s assembly of the Economic Freedom fighters Descended to the home of the king of Zulu Tribe in KZN to send his deepest condolences.

Photo credits: Twitter

Many of the members are now shocked by the shoe of the Deputy president of the Economic freedom Fighter’s , Floyd Shibambu. It’s a big shoe.

By just observing on the shoe he is wearing, which size do you think he might be wearing as far as the shoe sizes is concerned?


Photo credits: Twitter

its tough and difficult road on the path of being a politician , you are usually labelled for unnecessary thing which involves your personal life and personalities.

Politicians must just be brave and ensure that they stay strong in all circumstances they come accross on their road of being a politician and moving forward.

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