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Somizi Joins In ChallengeAccepted By Dressed In Drag #challengeaccepted

His fans have mixed reactions with Somizi joining ChallengeAccepted

Somizi joins Challegeaccepted

‘ChallengeAccepted’: Why Women Are Posting Black-and-White Selfies A campaign that purports to be about “women supporting women” is filling people’s Instagram feeds with striking, if opaque, imagery.

Somizi Joins In #ChallengeAccepted By Dressed In Drag

Somizi Joins In #ChallengeAccepted By Dressed In Drag
Somizi Joins In #ChallengeAccepted By Dressed In Drag

Somizi Joins In ChallengeAccepted

South African media personality, Somizi Mhlongo, is the latest celebrity to join in the global challenge -chalengeaccepted which aims to highlight women who are supporting women. However, seeing as the Somizi is a man, his participation did not sit well with some of his fans, who called him out for discrediting the meaning behind the challenge. The video showed Somizi dressed in full-on drag, complete with a dramatic wig and corset dress. He added a black and white filter as part of the challenge and captioned it with, “#challengeaccepted thanks @moneoa for nominating me…..I dedicate this post too all the women of the world.” Over the past several days, many Instagram feeds have been overrun with black-and-white images of women both famous and not. These photographs are often posed and filtered, taken from flattering angles and accompanied by benign captions about “supporting women.”

“Love this simple way to lift each other up. #challengeaccepted. Thank you for nominating me @vanessabryant,” the model Cindy Crawford posted on Monday along with a black-and-white photo of herself strolling on a beach that looks ripped from a Calvin Klein advertisement.

The premise of the “challenge accepted” trend is that these photos promote female empowerment, and that nominating friends to take part in the campaign is a way for women to support each other.

What is #ChallengeAccepted?

Dominque Coleman commented with, “I’m a fan. But this is not cool. You are not a women, you don’t understand the struggle. This is like a white person taking part in a black-only challenge. Wouldn’t fly would it?”.

What do you think about Somizi joining in? Picture Credit: Zhikiphani

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#challengeaccepted thanks @moneoa for nominating me…..I dedicate this post to all the women of the world

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