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Sifiso Did not Cheat On Ayanda : Ayanda’s brother sets the Record Straight

Mzansi is loving the new show , Real Housewives of Durban .The show kickex with some drama including revealing the secret that late husband of Ayanda Sifiso Ncwane has another child outside marriage .

This led to many viewers to think that Sifiso cheated on Ayanda during their marriage .Sifiso and Nonku Daughter is much older than Ayanda’s children and she looks exactly like his father .



However Ayanda’s younger brother took to social media to set the record straight that Sifiso did not cheat on Ayanda but they got together when Sifiso and Ayanda were seperated , thats when they had a child together .He also says that this was before Sifiso was saved .See his tweet below


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