She is Mrs Khumalo | Her husband is now arrested | Read a family member’s Post on the video issue

The prison officer and inmate viral video is still confusing people as to the different reports around the it.

But of all the reports, people should know the officer did not kill herself and the officer and inmate are not married. The name of the office is Mrs khumalo and her husband works at the very place were she worked.

The officer is suspended and investigation are now.

However one of someone close the family spoke out after it could not be because the video is every where.

The husband of the officer is now arrested for attempted murder after he tried to kill his wife, the officer in the video, the children are affected and can’t go to school and it’s problems.

One of the question people are asking is how come the inmate had with him a phone and he even was in charge of the keys which is very bad.

The DCS had said the there would be metal detector in prison but how did this things got to the inmate unrecognized.

Read what the close member said about this on this screens…




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