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SBV is looking for this Man. Please assist SBV to find him

Some people are born with certain talents, they don’t need any training. Talents run in their blood.


This man loves SBV so much that he made a gun, bullet proof and Cash box out of papers. SBV saw it fit to look for a guy who’s so in love with their company. Don’t worry, he didn’t do anything wrong. They just want to make him feel appreciated.blank

Pictures were taken from facebook, we a not sure if they found him already or not. SBV is looking for his number, if you know him tell him to contact SBV ASAP or go to their nearest office. Don’t worry, he is not in trouble. They said that he certainly knows quality in Cash services companies, and they are impressed with his incredible talent.blank

Clearly you can see that talent lives here, maybe SBV will give him a job after meeting with him. The guy might be unemployed, so please let’s help SBV to find him.

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