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Sad News: The prisoner that made a tape was allegedly a pastor

The jail prisoner whom as of late became famous online on a video, Shot a jail. Was uncovered as somebody Whom used to claim a congregation in his old neighborhood. The detainee is said to have been captured for the accompanying things.

– The detainee is said to have been captured in 2008 for, house breaking, endeavored murder, Doing horrible things to others and furnished theft.

The man was professed to keep a Bible consistently in jail. This data was shared via web-based media and the media impacted. Mzansi is currently anxious to find out about the prisoner whom presently took off to fam.

Web-based media clients had a ton to say about the prisoner, here are a portion of the remarks online media clients said about him.

@Thabo: “This man truly looks blameless, I would vibe with him.”

@pande: “I wouldn’t regard this person for what he did, a developed man to take a video and offer it with the world”

@Ade: “His moronic you can judge by that bless his face his degerous.”


@Gidis: “Hawa everybody is a minister now mxm this is rubbish.

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