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Road Accident Fund has been closed because of this

Road Accident Fund

On Wednesday the 6th of January 2021, an announcement was made which is likely going to affect many South Africans negatively.

It was from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) as they announced that they have closed down their offices.

The message was communicated through all social media pages of the RAF and that means motorists and claimants might face some inconveniences in the next few weeks.

The announcement read, “Kindly take note that all offices of the RAF will remain closed till 14 January 2021. We are taking steps in line with the President’s Statement to combat the spread of coronavirus virus. The RAF is abiding by alert Level 3 regulations in order to help stop the spread of the virusblank

South Africa is experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic which is causing most of the sectors of the economy to be closed down.

On the 14th of January 2021, the president is set to review the alert level depending on success of the current restrictions which are in place.

The Road Accident Fund (R​A​F) p​rovid​​es ​​compu​l​s​or​y c​over to​ all users of S​outh African roads, c​i​tizens and foreigners, against injuries sustained or death ari​si​​n​​g f​r​om accidents in​volving motor vehicl​es with​in the​ borders of South Africa. This cover is in the form of indemnit​y​ insu​r​an​c​​​e to persons​ w​ho cause the accident, as​ we​ll as personal in​jury and death insurance to victims of motor ve​hicle accidents a​nd the​​ir f​amilies

Road Accident Fund

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