Remember The Boy Bullied As A ‘Monkey’? See His Current Transformed Life Together With His Mother

Meet Zanzimana Elly,a 21 year old Rwandan boy who was harassed and branded a ‘monkey’ by bullies.

His tale attracted the concern and focus of the representatives of the public after it was brought into limelight by the Afrimax English via their YouTube channel.

Zanzimana Elly was born differently, but his life and that of his mother were not prevented by blessings.

Zanzimana Elly was born in the year 1999 Ina family where his five siblings had passed on one after the other which saw his parents question God for even an abnormal child. Their prayers were answered by God and Zanzimana Elly was born.

blankElly was born uniquely and also behaved differently in that he is grazed as an animal,making bullies term him as a ‘mouse’.

His present life and that of his mother’s has absolutely improved after good wishers all around contributed wholeheartedly.

According to Afrimax, Zanzimana Elly and his mother used to collect donations including money which they got via their neighbor’s phone but it was so tragic that heartless robbers broke into their neighbor’s home and snatched valuables like the phone which was collecting money donations.


As it is said something happens for a reason,God did not avoid blessing them as well wishers did not snatch from donating.

Their current life is totally transformed after getting several contributions and a packet of money which was taken to them by the Afrimax Anglish Journalist.

his is popular to most of the communities out there to call names people who were born different but then such a thing is not a good act towards those living with disabilities.blank

The fact is anyone can have a disability at any time. Some are born with it but some get it through the life journey anything can happen only God who knows the future that why it is much important to respect all the people of God including those born different.

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Afrimax published in November a tale about a 21-year-old boy who is ridiculed in his village by bullies and named his facial expression a chimpanzee dye that resembles that of a monkey.

His mother gave him the name Zanzimana Elly and claimed that, despite having to pray for him, the boy was a gift and that even though he was ‘abnormal,’ they would always accept him until he died. This kid is the sixth baby and the last born.

Elly can’t speak, she wants to be in the forest and consumes grass, according to mzansi.news. And like an animal, he still has to be pursued by his mother.


Mzansi.news has also confirmed that the tale that Afrimax reported on Youtube reached the hearts of everyone, and people began to wonder if the family could be supported. The family got support from then on, also from a number of decent Samaritans.


Not just that, Elly’s mother was supported to open a bank account by an Afrimax reporter after her neighbor’s cell, which she used to collect cash, was robbed.

The protagonists weren’t just capes. People with decent hearts will still be present, and they will not fail to support their colleagues.

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