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Ramaphosa and Somizi after being vaccinated breaks the internet

People on social media are busy throwing two pictures claiming CyrilRamaphosa and Somizi Mhlongo of how they are going to look like, after getting their dosage of vaccination.

People are laughing out loud on social media networks since they are busy claiming their look after the vaccine. You would also laugh harder than they did, because it is halarious even though it is not a good thing to wish for someone in that way.


People in South Africa are being against the vaccination that is apparently going to be made available soon in the country and it is meant to stop the spread of the virus or prevent.


Currently people on social media are making a challenge, as of how you are going to look like after the vaccine and more people are doing the challenge. Clearly South Africa does not waste time making fun of serious things.


It is now a normal thing, to make a joke or challenge about life threatening matters in this country. This shows that, you cannot keep South Africa down because they just over turn things around to their own advantage.

Before the outbreak into the country, as it is aggressive at the moment, people in the country were busy making jokes and challenges about the Coronavirus pandemic. The president is busy with the vaccine process into the country but people are not interested.


People are making nagative outcomes since they don’t want the vaccine or either to be vaccinated. This shows that, they do not trust that vaccine into their system.

This may prove that South Africa is just another country, you would not want to see yourself being less updated when it comes to entertainment. You initiate prohibition for entertainment, they create it within your rules.

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