Nomcebo Zikode claims ownership of Jerusalema lyrics, Mzansi reacts angrily

Dear mom, You are the reason why I write soulful songs

Jerusalema hit song feature Nomcebo Zikode has revealed her mother’s face for the first time with an emotional message, whilst claiming she is the one who wrote Jerusalema lyrics.

Nomcebo posted a picture of herself and her mom with a caption:

Dear mom, You are the reason why I write soulful songs

Nomcebo Zikode with her mother picture
Nomcebo Zikode claims ownership of Jerusalema lyrics, Mzansi reacts angrily-Nomcebo Zikode with her mother picture

Her fans immediately reacted to the picture with more than 800 retweets and more than 16,000 likes.

One of the songstress’ followers Musiwalo musiwalo wa afrika asked, “You mean Jerusalem?”

Nomcebo responded with a bold: ‘Yes Jerusalem is there a problem.’

Another Tweep commented:

Love how you’re acknowledging your mother. As I always say, ‘When our children are happy, we are even happier.’ Give your mom a big hug from me, from 10,000 miles away. We are proud of you girl!

Nomcebo responded with a ‘Thank you.

Some of her followers kept on asking an answered question:

So basically this is you telling people that you wrote Jerusalema
Unless KG didn’t honour his part of the deal in the contract to fairly reward you of your immense contribution to the production of Jerusalem song and its subsequent earnings, this claim of ownership in the public domain can end in tears for you sisi.

Meanwhile her fans sprung into her defence, indicating Nomcebo is not getting enough credit for the song:
If she wrote the song then she should be credited for that, full stop. Maxwell sang Fortunate and it was a very big song, but he didn’t write the song and the credit always goes to the rightful owner. I’ve never seen the album cover, but I’m sure it states that she wrote the song.

Nomcebo’s claim is likely to raise eyebrows as there have been clashes before over the recognition of her work on the global hit.
Recently the song’s owner Master KG savaged ‘feminist’ Ntsiki Mazwai after she claimed that the DJ was getting all the credit for the hit when it is actually Nomcebo’s voice that rings louder than his instruments.

It remains to be seen if Master KG will react to this latest claim, but the question ‘Who wrote Jerusalema lyrics has been answered. It is Nomcebo Zikode!

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