South Africa

Ndlozi left speechless as a nurse does this to the president without gloves

Former EFF spokesperson, MbuyiseniNdlozi, has joined Mzansi in the wonder around the nurse who injected president Cyril Ramaphosa with the Covid-19 vaccine. What left Ndlozi and several citizens is the fact that the nurse did not have any gloves on.

“I hope the absence on gloves 🧤 with the Ramaphosa vaccination is not due to some procurement inadequacy!!! Shouldn’t nurses wear gloves to administer this J&J vaccine? Or they sanitise immediately?” Ndlozi said on Twitter.

According to the controversial Ndlozi, the absence of gloves indicates poor planning from the department. He says just like they forgot to check the expiry dates on AstraZeneca, now they forgot to bring gloves. Ndlozi went as far as comparing the situation with when Barack Obama was getting his jab. His nurse had gloves on because they planned properly, unlike here in South Africa.


Now many people are not sure of the vaccine. “We may be black but not stupid…. Why wasn’t it tested and for me I know that the vaccine u took is not the one I will/would take… U use it to cover up the scene of it being short dated like the one of AstraZaneca so you use it same day it arrived on which you failed before.”

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