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Mzansi Feels Sorry For Somizi. This is What He is Going Through!

After a year of marriage, Somizi and Mohale have been the happiest couple and fans could see that through their social media posts, videos and all the things they did together and shared with the public.

Somizi is a very rich and influential person with a kind heart and great love for children. He has so many fans that love and follow him through thock and thin.

On the other side, not much is known about amohale but most of the fans he has are Somizi’s, they stand by him because they are supporting Somizi.


The couple have been happily marriage for over a year and they had the most experience and luxurious wedding that took most people’s breath away.

However things have not been going well between the two lovebirds as far as Somizi’s Instagram statuses can reveal.

The pain of a dying relationship is very tragic, let alone a dying marriage. Most of Somizi’s fans are showing great support and sending their heartfelt messages to Somizi via Twitter.

Even though Somizi has not officially revealed whether he is separating with his husband Mohale or not but it is quite obvious according to his IG statuses and the things he is seen doing recently.

One of the biggest hints Somizi gave to his fans was starting to spend more time with his friend Vusi Nova. The two stars even attended occasions together that Somizi usually attend with Mohale.


The book of suspicion was completed when Somizi posted a number of consecutive statuses on Instagram that rather implied a complicated love life between him and his husband Mohale.

Here is the series of statuses that Somgaga posted on Instagram below:




His fans are feeling sorry for Somizi while some are blaming Mohale for not being a good and faithful husband to him. Some even claim that Mohale came to Somizi’s life for money and he does not care a bit about him. However, Mohale has not said a word about this.


It seems as if Mohale is slowly losing his fans because of all these emotions shared by Somizi on social media.

Do you really think Mohale is to blame for all the emotional breakdown that Somizi is going through? Did Mohale really failed Somizi as a husband? What is your view on this issue? Please share your views below on the comment section.

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