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Limpopo Police Stopped A hearse And Did The Unthinkable That Shook The Whole Mzansi

Onething that never cease to amaze me about our south african police officers is how they are always quick and effective into attending minor offences.But when it comes to real offences that even go as far as people loosing life’s they don’t put in the same energy.

For example if you should walk down the street right now drinking even if it’s just 1 bottle they arrest you without hesitation but they are failing to do the same with people behind car thefts and hijack syndicate and all other major crimes.

First of all.Take a look at this pic.


It is allerged that the police on limpopo Thohoyandou in the venda region stopped one of this hearses you see on the above pictures and gave the driver a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.Although giving tickets to such offences is within the law this was very wrong of them if you should think about it.

Look at it this way.hearses never travel at a speed that exeed 40 when they are going to the cememtry so wearing a seatbelt on a car travelling that slow is really not necessary if you should think about it.

The other thing is that I personally think that it was very wrongful of them to stop a whole convoy who is mourning for just a ticket.They could have just approched the funerals undertaker’s company and delivered it there instead of causing that whole drama.

A lot of people really had a lot of mixed reactions after they heard about this incident.

Take a look at what some of the people said about it on Facebook.




What is your view about what the police did?what it necessary or not?

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