Khusela Diko Gets Taste Of Her Own Medicine, Insulted After Her Husband Dies

The suspended presidential spokesperson, Khusela Diko is being insulted on social media after the revelation that her husband died.

Chief Thandisizwe Diko II who was Khusela Diko’s husband died in hospital last night.

Economic Freedom Fighters head of International relations, Godrich Gardee sends his condolences.

“May God grant the family strength to pass through this moment of grief. Our condolences to Cde Khusela and family,” he said.


Although a few chose ubuntu and send their condolences, many resorted to insulting Khusela Diko and showed no sympathy for her loss.

“Khusela Diko insulted us, she said we are obsessed when we said we wanted our money her husband stole. People died due to lack of PPEs, so how do we draw the line of being sorry for Diko versus being angry as South Africans,” some said.

“You know you have hurt people when they say to hell with Ubuntu and literally kick you during the hour of anguish. If only Khusela had not told us we are a bunch of obsessed commoners who don’t understand sarcasm after looting PPEs money. Maybe, just maybe,”

“Condolences to Khusela Diko on her husband’s passing. No his death doesn’t cancel his PPE money theft. Healthcare workers died because of their thuggery. However guilt doesn’t cancel our human spirit of feeling for a woman who lost her spouse and the father of her kids,” some said.


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