Khanyi Mbali After being Vaccinated

No one so far knows how Covid-19 vaccines are going to treat people. There are just predictions on the ground and people options on what is going to happen. Everyone is confused by researches shows that there are no side effects on Covid-19 Vaccines.

Photo credits : Twitter

This is Khanyi Mbali on her Beatiful picture, opinions are that she will lose this freshness and get old.blank

Photo credits : Twitter

This is the picture of an old person. They are of the opinion that vaccines will turn her to this type and be like this .blank

Photo credits : Twitter

here is the pic mix of the opinion of how she will look like on before and after .These are assumptions made on twitter.

People raised their views and here are some of the views

”Stop bullying people especially celebrities, they are normal people just like you, for what for likes and retweets, so low”

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