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John Steenhuisen becomes the first joke of the week in 2021 on national news headlines

John Steenhuisen

The first week of the year in South African national politics opened with the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) JohnSteenhuisen making headlines for being the mampara of the week.

TimesLive is one of the biggest national newspapers and dominates in the political news coverage. It has chosen Steenhuisen to honor the seat of disgrace.

With this controversial opening, 2021 is off a shaky start for DA‘s Steenhuisen as this year is highly contest for tight local government elections in the country.

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The DA has never been the sharpest pencil in the case. He is a tone-deaf whiner who lacks the political acumen to read the prevailing mood…” reads the opinion peace by Hogarth on Times Live online publication 03 January 2021.

Following his much opposed remarks after president Cyril Ramaphosa’s national address on Covid-19 update on the 29th of December 2020, he sent some shilling comments in some of the viewers ears.

This made him to be the first mampara of the year, he also got dragged by social media users, some congratulating him and his critics had a field day.


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He stated that government should urgently get the Covid-19 vaccine and went on a long criticizing point.

He went on to bash government’s approach, the way things are unfolding thus far and the fact that Ramaphosa has further postponed the estimated arrival of the country’s first vaccines which is the second quarter of 2021.

“The vaccination rollout is continuing apace across the EU and UK. In countries such as Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico, where the socio-economic circumstances are not dissimilar to our own, vaccines are already being rolled out nationwide at great pace,” said Steenhuisen qouted in an online TimesLive news article.

“The SA government has no excuse for its negligence in this regard and owes South Africans an explanation.”


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Those opposed to his views called him a politician who is always whining and lacks understanding, his strategy was also heavily criticized by the famous author and radio personality Eusebius McKaiser, Twitter Account: @Eusebius saying,

“John Steenhuisen makes it extremely easy for the ANC to underperform massively without that underperformance costing them fatally. That’s because Steenhuisen thinks the MEANING of opposition is to oppose everything for its own sake. He’s addicted to whining, and being contrarian.”

“The president could say “1 plus 1 equals two” and John Steenhuisen would immediately be on the phone to the DA lawyers to file papers opposing the president’s truism.”

He still had fresh wounds together with his party after he lost the opposing the lockdown restrictions of closing beaches in the city of Cape Town where his party governs.

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Steenhuisen together with the DA have a lot to work on in their party since the declining votes, resignation of Mmusi Maimane, Herman Mashaba and other prominent members.

The return of Helen Zille on the leadership as well as Steenhuisen beating Mbali Ntuli to 80% of the votes still need to work to regain the public voter trust.

The votes this year, will prove to te the tale or perhaps the is

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