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“Jacob Zuma Will Stay In Nkandla Until His Last Breath”

Former South African president, Jacob Zuma’s sympathizers took to social media to argue that Zuma is living the rural life in Nkandla until his last breath as opposed to rumors that he intents to leave South Africa.

His photo in his rural home surfaced after there has been speculations that Jacob Zuma intends to leave South Africa, at a time the Constitutional Court ordered him to comply with the two summons issued to him and appear before Zondo Commission.


Action South Africa president, Herman Mashaba argued that his party learnt through sources that Jacob Zuma does intent to leave South Africa.

Mashaba depicted Jacob Zuma as a constitutional delinquent who has been doing whatever he could to dodge State Capture Commission and the laws.

“He must not be allowed to leave,” said Mashaba.

Jacob Zuma’s sympathizer however came out to refute claims that he intents to leave South Africa and argues that Zuma will stay in Nkandla until his last breath.

“That’s just gossip spreading lies. Jacob Zuma is a village man who will stay in Nkandla until his last breath,” argued Zuma’s sympathizer.


Herman Mashaba then hits back and said all is well then if Zuma is not planning on leaving South Africa.

“That will be highly appreciated as he will get his opportunity to appear before Zondo Commission,” said Mashaba.


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