I’M 29 years old from Limpopo I’m looking for MR right! Only to make me his queen of his heart

Am 29 years old from Limpopo I’m looking for MR right! Only to make me his queen of his heart

I am Mmathabo Makwana from Limpopo province in Polokwane in a small village of gankwana my need is am looking for a man but age is not a stress only I need is love the man that who will show me love an happiness.

The man who will take care of me everyday,am old now I need to start to build my own family I need to have kids my home an my partner to enjoy our happy life together.

Am working as a nurse in Mankweng Hospital i have 3 years working as a nurse am tired of dating guys that are not serious about me. I have my own money only I need is to be loved .blank

I know that is not easy to be in a good relationship but god will help me to get the man that will come straight to me as my tears flow to stop them to be his queen of his heart.

If any man around south Africa is in need of a serious woman am here for you I will do everything for you I need respect, love and happiness in my heart without you man I don’t know what can I do I don’t enjoy my money.

All I need is to love and to be loved woman said:

See comment below…..blank

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