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“I wanted to transfer money to a taxi driver, when I asked for his account, I discovered this”.

“I needed to send money to a taxi driver, and when I asked for his account number, look at what I found.”

This planet is a tiny city, and you never know who you’ll encounter as a result of your everyday commute; just remember to be polite to anyone you meet.


A woman who goes by the nickname “datchubbychic” has taken to social media to recount an incident between her and a taxi driver.

She claimed that somebody had purchased a taxi cap for her because attempting to obtain one for herself was futile due to the traffic that led to her destination scaring the bolt drivers.

The individual who ordered the driver to pick her up promised the driver extra money if he came to pick her up.

They driver accepted, but after picking up the woman, the individual who had offered to offer the driver extra money changed his mind, declining to give him the money. The driver was depressed and dissatisfied; the extra money was the primary reason he came in the first place.

The lady has already agreed to tip the driver as she arrives at her destination.

Since arrival at her destination, the lady called for his account information in order to make a deposit. However, the name given to the lady is something she recognizes.

When she enquired about him, she learned that they were siblings.

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