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Hold on to your hats, changes may be coming soon as the president meets with the NCC. Read more here.

The president is locked in a meeting with the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCC), to chart a way forward. Since the last address by the president the number of coronavirus cases have skyrocketed.

The president and the NCC are meeting to decide if there may be more changes that must be added to the current regulations or move the country to a higher alert level.

The number of deaths brought on by the coronavirus have also increased. The president wants to see if they cannot come up with ways to mitigate the current situation.

The president promised further adjustments to the regulations and the alert level on the 15th January 2021. This meeting could be a way to map out what will be included in the next family meeting.

The country is in alert level 3 with adjustments. The sale of alcohol is not allowed under any circumstances, beaches are closed and the curfew is from 21H00 to 06H00.

With many people returning to work it is not clear if the NCC wants to make some adjustments to allow sectors to return to work.

We will await the developments from today’s meeting.


Government spokesperson Phumla Williams wrote on Twitter on Tuesday: “Tomorrow, January 6 2021, the national coronavirus command council will be meeting at 9am.”

Williams told TimesLIVE not every meeting of the council was followed by a presidential address to the nation. She said this happened only when there were major decisions to be announced.


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