Good news | SASSA SRD grant to become EXTENDED until the Basic Income grant comes into effect

While many citizens who have been benefitting from the Social Relief distress grant of R350 over the past months have been left concerned over the grant coming to an end in April 2021.

Now there is not a reason to stress anymore.

Black sash have joined with Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu to urge government to implement a basic income grant in the new financial year.

The date would be 1st April 2022.

In the interim, they have also been Urging government to extend the Social relief distress grant of R350 until the Basic income grant comes into effect.

The main reasons behind this introduction is that financial assistance is severely needed among our unemployed people of South Africa.

There is no other means for their survival and government needs to take action to ensure that nobody goes hungry.blank

There have been almost 2 million South Africans who have lost their jobs or who are left without any income since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa.

Various civil societies have been fighting endlessly for the unemployed to ensure that they are not left behind.

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni will be discussing the budget and how he will find the funds to accommodate a basic income grant in South Africa.

However, it will be done and there are no two ways about it.

People will not be left without an income.

While the margins for what money is expected to be paid is not fully certain now, this amount could be anywhere from R500 to R1300 per month for all unemployed citizens in South Africa.blank

Personally I think for people to have a good shot at life a higher amount would be better and there would be no shortfalls. No needing to continue searching for financial assistance if they are paid a fair amount.

The massive amounts of tax revenue and other monies that is received by government could easily pay these unemployed citizens.

There should not be a statement made saying that there is no money.

Stress less for all unemployed citizens. Its understanding that stress makes one sick and uncomfortable and eliminating stress gives one a healthier and better lifestyle. Therefore, stop stressing. The Basic Income Grant will come into effect in a year. Yet in the interim. It has been urged to government to extend the Social relief distress grant of R350.

If you consider the seriousness of the pandemic and the need for financial assistance, you will understand that there is no way that you won’t see another extention with that specific grant.blank

Government will not leave citizens without any financial assistance. Especially now.

Another major and very unsatisfying issue is that we are now welcoming with blind eyes, a third coronavirus wave. And it is very much expected that we will also see a fourth wave…

We fully understand that the third wave is going to be more deadlier than the first and second waves. Which would leave us knowing that the fourth wave could only be more severe. Therefore now is not a time to eliminate financial assistance.

Financial assistance must continue for as long as the virus is still among us.

Again I’m delighted to bring this news to you and I hope that you find comfort in my message and that it eases off your mind.

Please don’t forget to follow the link for the original article and to confirm for yourself that this news is not fake.blank

Coz I already hear people screaming FAKE NEWS….

But believe it or not. This article is meant to bring comfort to those unemployed citizens and to help ease your mind.

May God bless all your beautiful souls.

STAY safe ❤️ STAY well ❤️ STAY Humble ❤️

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