An angel has fallen from the sky and was found this morning in cape Town. The end is near. Fiction

First of all, the Bible tells us that angels do not have a gender. Second of all, the Bible states “fallen angels” are demons and follow the devil’s commands to lead and deceive people on earth.

Angels on earth were kicked of of heaven, For this thing to reach earth proves that it was within earth. Anything outside earth shoots in because without so much force it wouldn’t reach earth as there’s very minimal gravitational force from Themo to Troposphere.


those are chicken wings,so worry not that was probably a chicken angel and Real Angels don’t die and someone once said if you want to know the appearance of angels read the book of revelations.

Convenient that the old man lied down on a trampoline, right?

Plus, those are chicken wings. And, a real “angel” would have destroyed that floor with weight.

And more people would have been around. Don’t be scared this same angel keeps falling from some where just to cause confusion, some years back he/she/chi fell and the end was near then. Salinda uyesu sade salibala. That’s the landing position or the only position ayaziyo.

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