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Alcohol Will be banned with immediate effect as from Tuesday because you drink recklessly

Many people in are country who drink they don’t know how to behave after they are drunk cause some start to drink and drive then end up making unnecessary accidents, then they occupy space that should have been occupied by covid-19 patience so it is not good for us. Alcohol should be banned with immediate effect cause if not i don’t think i will be victorious against the virus cause now tarvens are open and drinkers gather there in groups then share a beer and that is dangerous.

So as from Tuesday president Cyril Ramaphosa should banned alcohol with immediate effect, cause they drink recklessly and some are misbehaving after the drink they roam around without wearing masks and they don’t respect curfew time. So police need to strengthen their hands as soon as possible so all can comply and with the ban of alcohol alot of movements will be limited and they will stay at home with their families then be happy cause some when they are under control they cause havoc at home.

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